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From correct Island of Oahu. We rang to discuss this to politely ask for the mistake to be put right at no cost to us, they trying to blame it on us saying we asked for and showed them that other resort on the Big Island? Don't just take our word for it search for Hays Travel reviews in Google and take a look at the. Very sorry to see you being treated like this, on a personal note, I would contact Rogue traders on the TV " Watchdog " programme.

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While this sounds like a very unpleasant situation for you, I'd like to sound a cautionary note. If your complaint is being investigated and ABTA are involved, you should wait for the conclusion. I don't think that visiting the local office is going to help, at best it will simply cause further frustration as the company clearly isn;t willing to do anything at that level, and, at worst, it could lead to Hays claiming that you're harrassing their staff members.

Ultimately, it does come down to an 'I said, they said' type of situation. I'd expect a good company to offer free cancellation as a gesture of goodwill in this kind of situation. If they did not agree to that, then based on the fact that I'd booked somewhere completely different, I'd contact my credit card provider and ask them to get my money back on the grounds of not getting what I'd paid for. As always, the devil could be in proving that you did ask to be accommodated in a particular hotel.

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It might help your case if you have something in writing showing what you asked for, such as a handwritten quote. Please don't think I'm unsympathetic at all, as you still have options to take this forward. However, this incident does remind me why I don't bother with travel agents any more and make my own holiday arrangements.

Then I'm almost guaranteed to get exactly what I want.

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Hays is a big concern. They have been in business a long time, and have many shops, homeworkers and members of their Independence group.

They have shops trading under their name, and most are independently managed businesses. Did you sign anything in the agents eg a booking form with all the details on it, after it had been booked?

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What did your official confirmation have on it? Was it the correct hotel or not? It is always the customers responsibility to check all details as soon as received and inform the company straight away of any errors. Info about Estas would usually be in the information received as would a copy of the terms and conditions. You mention that the mistake was picked up a few weeks before travel but that you booked in January - what hotel was shown on your Hays Travel invoice and confirmation paperwork? What did you do in the end I'm assuming you have travelled , did you stay in the booked hotel or manage to get into the Hilton Hawaiian Village?

I can't help thinking if the error had been picked up earlier it would have been a fairly simply case of Hays cancelling the hotel you did not want and booking the Hawaiian Village.

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At that point the bed bank that they would have used to secure the hotel would not have required payment and the amendment probably easily made. Leaving the checking to nearer departure and finding errors at this point will be more difficult to amend. I think you are right that it would have been easier to sort this out had the different hotel been noticed soon after booking as opposed to a few weeks before travel.

As I said in my first reply, proving what the OP requested could be a real stumbling block without any evidence that they did book a completely different hotel to the one they got. I do get a strong impression that Hays position is that they got what they asked for, or at least what they agreed to while booking in the store.

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  4. There may have been a misunderstanding involved, but there should have been some paperwork at some point in the initial stages, as you say, showing what had been booked. If that confirms Hays version of events, in that it has the name of the hotel that the OP didn't want, it's hard to see how this can ever be resolved to the OP's satisfaction.